Aspen Excel for Students

Aspen Excel is a programme aimed at providing students with a realistic view of work by providing information to aid their future careers.

The programme aims to accomplish this by highlighting each stage of the job application process, including CV's, covering letters, interviews and work placements. Our mission is then to inspire students to choose the right career in the medical or veterinary fields by introducing them to experienced individuals.

The Aspen Excel programme is taken into schools during careers events and open days to meet the students and inform them of the different routes they can take in the veterinary industry.

Aspen Excel is also able to offer work experience to 16-18 year old students that are studying for their AS and A levels, or equivalent. Here, we ask students to send us a CV and covering letter to apply for a placement, and they will then be invited to attend a work placement interview and health and safety induction. We feel this is a valuable experience that can be used when applying for future jobs.