Checking for ticks and preventing diseases

Spring signals the start of the tick season, both for humans and for their pets. A tick sucks blood and in the process of feeding, diseases can transmit from the tick to the dog. It's dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in rough and wooded areas, that are most at risk, so keep a close eye on your pets during this time of year.

Please watch this video for tips and check your dogs regularly, especially with tick bourne diseases on the rise.

 News article 16/03/16:
Since the UK Government updated the Pet Travel Scheme in 2014, growing numbers of dog owners are choosing to take their pets on holiday with them to European destinations, increasing the risk of a number of tick-borne diseases being brought back to the UK. Following the recent news that four separate suspected cases of dogs infected with the tick-borne disease Babesiosis have been identified in Essex, experts are warning of the increased risk from foreign ticks being brought over to the UK.

Pet owners are encouraged to speak to their vet about using a preventative tick product to meet their needs.