Join our Pet Clubs

Meet our Pet Health Counsellors (pictured above). This lovely pair are responsible for running some fantastic clinics to provide you with information and assistance caring for your pet. Our clubs and clinics cover a variety of common pet ailments and health issues and our Pet Health Consellors currently run the more advanced clinics.

Please have a look below to see if we can assist you in looking after your pet, ask in surgery for more details.  

Here are a list of pet clubs which are currently available:

  • Plump Pets Club - this clinic addresses obesity in pets, how this can be resolved and provides a plan for weight loss and regular weight checks. Support materials will be given, the waist and hips will be measured, and pictures will be taken at each visit.

  • Youth Club - this clinic is for puppies and kittens and discusses all areas of healthcare that will need to be considered, including diet and neutering. Growth measurement materials are used, and support materials are given.

Nurse clinics include: 

  • Pet Smile Club - this clinic discusses the importance of dental care for your pet, recommends suitable products, and demonstrates tooth brushing.

  • After 8's Club - this club is for senior pets, and focuses on lifestyle and diet changes that may need to be made as pets get older.

  • Small Furries Club - this clinic is for all small pets, including Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, and discusses all aspects of healthcare that need to be considered, including diet and handling.

  • Kidney Club - the kidney club is for pets already diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and helps with disease management. It is one of the PHC advanced clinics.


Nurses are also able to clip claws for a small fee to book an appointment call your local Aspen surgery. Up to date rates here.