Lost and Found Pets

Animal Search UK is the LARGEST missing and found pet organisation in the UK. They help to reunite approximately 15,000 pets per year. Animal Search UK can offer FREE specialist help whether you have lost or found a pet. 

Animal Search UK has over 200,000 pets reported to date, 80,500 UK wide volunteers and over 35,000 followers on Social Media. Aspen Vets have registered with them, to use their services to help reunite found animals and strays, who aren’t microchipped / details out of date, when they are handed in to them. 

Register, so that you can use their services, it is easy - just go to www.animalsearchuk.co.uk and click ‘Login’ where you can choose to Sign Up for free today. You can register unlimited found pets with us and choose to receive alerts about missing pets in your area too.

If your beloved pet should go missing, here is what Animal Search UK could do for you.

Animal Search UK Pledge:

  • They will advertise your lost or found pet FREE of charge on their website, giving the pet both regional and national coverage.
  • They will send out the pet's details for FREE via their UK wide Pet Patroller network, comprised of approx. 80,500 volunteers.
  • They will Auto-Match pets reported to them in case it matches one already reported, and they'll email both users to inform them about any potential matches for FREE.
  • They will provide a FREE safe and secure messaging service between users, if there is no response  after 48 hours they will call and email the other user on their behalf.
  • They will save their pets details securely and FREE of charge once they are home, just in case they go missing again, they can be reported missing with a click of a button, saving valuable time.
  • Aspen customers and team members can also Pre-Register their pets with us for FREE. If the worst should happen, they will have all of their pets details and images ready to distribute.


Animal Search UK can also help Aspen Vet patients with Specialist Publicity. Comprising of posters, leaflets, social media campaigns and a dedicated 24 hour, freephone, sightings hotline to help gain news even in the most sensitive cases. Their additional services often cost the customer nothing as we work with the majority of the UK’s leading pet insurers direct. They also offer the UK’s only professional Missing Pet Search Team who utilise specialist equipment such as thermal imaging cameras.