VIP Discount Plan

The affordable way to keep your pet dog, cat, or rabbit fit and healthy! You love your pets like your own family and you want to provide affordable, premium, preventative veterinary care, then the VIP Discount Plan is for you! VIP Plan Prices.

The VIP Discount Plan will provide essential preventative care for the year. It is easy to set up. Just come in to the surgery and the team will be happy to assist you. You can either set up a monthly interest free direct debit, or pay up front the entire amount. It is entirely your choice how you want to arrange your budget.

What’s in the Plan?

  • Your pet’s primary, or annual vaccination. This includes a Veterinary Surgeon health examination and consultation. 
  • Kennel Cough Vaccination (Dogs). 
  • Availability of 12 month’s supply of prescription flea prevention and worm treatments. For dogs, this includes lung worm
  • Microchip 
  • Access to all our in-practice services (including diets, diagnostics, surgical, medication) at 10% discount. 
  • The benefit of spreading your payments over 12 months and peace of mind that you have optimal veterinary 
  • You will be provided with your first 3 month’s flea and worm control. 
  • Puppies & kittens will receive only 1 month’s flea and worm treatment. One month later, you will be asked to attend 
  • worm protection. (Excludes environmental flea sprays)
  • Six monthly Repeat Examination. This will fulfil the requirement for repeat prescription products health examination. In addition, this ensures we have examined your pet twice in the year as this may detect health issues sooner, preventing your pet suffering and saving you money. 
  • Check-ups with a Registered Veterinary Nurse to include weight check, nutrition and behaviour advice. (Excludes nail clipping) 
  • Once a year blood test which will provide a general assessment of your pet’s Kidney, Liver, Protein, and Glucose levels
  • Preventative care.

When can I start the Plan? 

You can start the plan at any time. Ideally at your pet’s vaccination. At any other time, your first consultation will be discounted as VIP Plan member by 10% and the first monthly payment of the Discount Plan will be taken.

Our Registered Veterinary Nurse Consultation with your puppy or kitten so that an accurate assessment of body weight can be conducted in order to provide further flea and worm prevention. This visit is no fee.

How do I apply?

It takes 5- 10 minutes only Just remember to bring your sort code and direct debit details and come and see our Client Care Assistants who will be happy to help you complete a direct debit mandate.

What about Insurance?

The Discount Plan is NOT a substitute for private pet insurance. Aspen Vet Surgery strongly recommends all clients have their pets insured, preferably with a Life Cover Insurer. The Discount Plan provides your pet with essential, affordable preventative care for the 12 months. Together with private pet insurance you can have total peace of mind that your pet will have the very best of care that the veterinary profession can provide.

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